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Dubai real estate is one of the most attractive markets in the world. The quality of life, this world-class city provides is remarkable compared to any other global counterparts. Investing in real estate of Dubai enables quicker access to get a residency permit in the UAE. An investment into real estate gives you a residency visa for 3 years on a renewable basis in order to live in Dubai without having to be employed.

Dubai has always been associated with luxury and beautiful infrastructure, offering a unique lifestyle that elevates experiences. You can find anything from luxury penthouses to cosy 1 bedroom studio apartments. There something for everyone. Dubai offers an excellent rental yield return about 6-10%, which is far higher that it’s global counterparts. Another positive is the peace of mind for buyers, as they are protected by investor protection laws ensured by government regulation.

Dubai real estate has been showing consisted upswing in value. This is due to various factors, but mostly due to progressive initiatives taken by the government. Dubai showing great optimism for investors to move to Dubai. Investors from all over the world are going for locations like Jumeirah Lake towers, Jumeirah village circle and Meydan and Dubai Hills Estate because they offer great returns on investment at attractive entry prices.

Find the right real estate expert

Real estate experts act as knowledge partners, enable you to experience a world of opportunities and tons of profit. Real estate experts help you invest in the best properties as they understand the market conditions, local knowhow and opportunities, predictions and perspectives of the future.

Choose to invest in new properties

Investing in old properties may not be the right choice with high maintenance expenses and renovation factors coming in your way. New properties yield higher rental returns and also have a better return of investment yield.

Take your time before investing

Consider all the factor before investing into real estates, including the cost and the future prospects associated with the property. Invest ample time into inspection before investing in long term commitments.

Eligibility and visa requirement

As there is no permanent citizenship in Dubai, visa requirements must be regularly met even during one’s stay in Dubai. Legal requirements and eligibility documents must be submitted before proceeding with the investment decisions in Dubai.

Stick with your investment objective even during fall downs

Focus on long-term investment goals even during market fluctuations and lower capital returns. Be patient in times of delay in the desired outcomes from real estate investments.

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