The Global Real Estate Index was launched and leading it is the United Arab Emirates.

UAE – the investment haven has yet again proved it proves over the global real estate market. On 8th February, UAE sat atop of the newly launched real estate index, leading the index by 82 points, followed by Spain (80.7), Montenegro (77.2), Turkey (76.5) and Portugal (75.8).

A property index (the Index) is a real estate investment performance index that generally shows the investment return in a certain investment period. Specifically, the Index is comprised of the income return from rental income, the capital return from changes in real estate value and the total return of the two.

The reason behind Emirate’s success is its excellent rating for rental revenue potential. The real estate prices per square metre are cheaper compared to major international cities making Dubai a preferred secondary residence. Global investors with long-term investment perspectives and strategies have a durable outlook for Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates has a high score for potential rental income, and the price of real estate is lower than other major international centres. The rental income from properties in Dubai is on par with cities like Sydney, Amsterdam, etc. In addition, UAE is undoubtedly one of the safest nations to live in. Investors are underpinned by their ability to drive growth based on factors such as strong employment market, steady population growth, superior infrastructure, world-class health and education systems and an attractive tax base. UAE’s sustained attractiveness also includes its focus on innovation and technology. It’s the country’s strong economic fundamentals. Investor having regained the confidence in Emirate’s consistent economic policies, successful strategies to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, visa reforms, and recent liberalization of the business licensing system, making Dubai an affordable location to own prime real estate. Several government efforts come into effect to improve liveability and encourage residency by investment schemes.

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