Should you buy a Villa, a Townhouse or an Apartment? Here’s a good look into what makes good sense.

Dubai attracts people from all over the world. It is home to a wide variety of attractions such as skyscrapers and city parks that create a real splash. It has a fast-growing economy and its real estate market is leading the way for the world to follow. There is seemingly a never ending growth in the Dubai real estate marketplace. While Dubai boasts of various types of residential properties, the apartments, townhouses and villas in the city continue to be the most popular with buyers and tenants. The choices are plentiful with each offering a unique value proposition that addresses the needs very distinctly. Whilst being spoilt for choices, you will have to check what works best for you before making an investment. With these residential properties available in different styles, locations and budgets, residents can face a dilemma while buying an apartment or townhouse or villa in Dubai.

If you’re deciding between the above residential options in Dubai, we’ve rounded up some of the most important factors to consider before you make a decision.


Budget is the most crucial factor in the decision on apartment vs townhouse vs villa in Dubai. On the whole, villas tend to command a higher price than other two in Dubai. For instance, a 3-bedroom apartment for sale in Downtown Dubai starts from AED 2.5M, while a 3-bedroom Townhouse and Villas at the same community will have a starting price of AED 4.9M and AED 5.4M respectively. However, this can vary depending on the apartment tower or townhouse/villa community.


Location is the major factor for property price shifts. The centrality of property location will also affect its value.Having schools, hospitals, entertainment avenues, malls, markets, etc., nearby is an absolute must for residential properties. It not only facilitates ease in functioning but enhances the property value. If property location allows easy access to amenities like shopping centres, healthcare facilities, and entertainment places then the price will be shifted towards the higher side. Homes in cities, for example, tend to be placed at a higher price than homes in the suburbs. Though you would be getting less land, you would be getting a lot more amenities. It’s a payoff that you should keep in mind as you consider buying a property.


If you are debating between an apartment or townhouse or villa – which is better to buy in Dubai? It’s important to keep your lifestyle in mind. When considering these three property types, you’ll need to decide whether your priority is privacy or convenience. Apartment towers are typically more centrally-located and closer to leisure and commercial hubs.

On the other hand, townhouse and villas are located in primarily residential areas or gated communities where amenities and entertainment may be located farther away. These residential types may be ideal for families, with a quiet environment to raise kids. However, a single professional looking to live close to their workplace or a couple wanting to be near shopping areas, restaurants and entertainment options will prefer the convenience of apartment living.

Surrounding Views

While this may seem less important than the other factors on this list, surrounding views do contribute to the vibe and feel of your home at higher price. On the other hand, residents of townhouse and villas will enjoy charming views of their neighbourhood. Those willing to pay a higher price can experience lake or golf course views if they are living in these communities. Do you enjoy views of cityscapes or a golf course? Your choice is what matters.

Facilities& Amenities

You should look at the facilities and amenities you’ll have access to. Apartment towers typically have an attached supermarket, swimming pool or gymnasium at the ground level or nearby.For those who rely on public transport such as the Dubai Metro to commute to work will most definitely prefer an apartment.

However, those living in townhouses or villa communitieswill not find it easy to access on foot as mostly all villa communities are located further away from the metro line. However, some villa communities boast extensive facilities such as tennis and basketball courts, football grounds, jogging& cycling tracks, community lawns and golf courts which make them desirable.

Buying an apartment in Dubai

Pros : Security, municipal services like water, electricity and gas as these are supplied by the building, amenities such as gym, supermarket and salon, Easy commute facilities.

Cons : Maintenance costs, limited space.

Buying a townhouse or villa in Dubai

Pros : Green landscapes, more space for luxury living, amenities such as BBQ area, clubhouse, jogging tracks.

Cons : Need to manage own water, gas and electricity services, located outside city centre

A few of differences between Townhouse and Villa

Townhouses and Villas primarily differ with regards to their architectural design. Townhouses are considered to be more contemporary in design and come with a terrace, while villas are structured by following exhilarating designs themesand feature a private garden.

Needless to say, villas are more spaciousand cover a larger area as compared to townhouses. Also, they have green space i.e. private gardens surrounding the premises. On the other hand, townhouses aren’t as big as villas. They offer more of a communal lifestyle where each property is located right next to the other having a common wall between them.

Townhouses are comparatively inexpensive. The major reasonis that residents of villas enjoy more luxuries and amenities as compared to townhouses. Also, with villas, there is enhanced privacy as no wall of the living space touches that of the neighbouring residence.

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